29 years held experience & technology anniversary

Healthy indoor climate

Sie Florian M. König in Aktion - hier bei der ....-Messung mit .... von .... in .... I occupied myself professionally with force fields, which are common called electrosmog, and their filtering on scientific basis for many years. In the past people were only exposed to the natural force fields and had the experience and intuition to recognize these force fields and organize according to them. Not only that we have lost these properties in most cases today. In addition to that strong fields were built in the past whose cause was not nature but the man himself. Electromagnetic pollution is the word that now haunts the media, books, and heads. For some just nonsense for others the cause for great uncertainty and fear. This burden cannot be avoid any more but it can take place a conscious dealing with it which protects us from the negative effects that may be an important cause of disease but also resistance to therapy. Various reports confirm this repeatedly. It is my concern to show you the basics of stress but also a way to a less-loaded life. In any case, there is a need for action and nothing is more dangerous than ignorance.

The possibilities for use are not only of personal nature. Tested and interference-free apartments, houses, hotels, jobs, etc. also have positive impacst on

  • the value of real estate,
  • the health of your employees - and thus also on their performance,
  • the recovery on vacation (which is not only important for the tourist but also the suppliers - who goes out there again or recommends further, when recovery was bad.)

So it quickly becomes clear how a positive and interference-free environment has a beneficial effect to us. All the more if you have consciously felt an unshielded environment once. So you can find sample letters which exactly express that feeling. You will find these under References

thunderstorm_link to www.sferics.eu