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Authors of recommended literature on the topic:

  • Consumer Center (Allg.)
  • Konstantin Meyl or Viktor Schauberger (whirlwind)
  • Wilhelm Reich (Orgone energy producer)
  • Lebrecht v. Klitzing (high frequency)
  • König / Folkerts (low frequency) more at the INTERNET

Additional links:

Buchcover von "Natur braucht Chaos", Florian M. König

In 2005 published book:
"Nature needs chaos"

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Invisible Environment

A very nice representation of the general relationships to natural / artificial, electromagnetic radiation and EMVU: "invisible environment" (1986), Prof.Dr.em. * Herbert L. König. "Invisible environment", the classic from university research work, as well as former teaching material at the Technical University Munich. To buy or purchase please go to the

The continuation of this basic research can be found in my German book "Nature needs chaos".